Monday, December 7, 2009


These days I have been reading a lot about Helmets in some Newspapers. People speaking for and some against the rule of making helmets compulsory. I don't know whether making helmets compulsory would be a good idea or not, but since I myself am using a helmet for past 5 years, I thought I should write something about it. Apart from being a protection for the skull, I found the following benefits:
1) No need to wear sun cap in summer. Believe me, you don't sweat in helmets, and you don't feel the heat much. (Some people give sweating as a reason for not wearing helmets)
2) No need of putting sun-screen on the face.
3) No need to wear ear muffs in winter.
4) The glass protects your face and eyes from dust as well as from insects. Insects hurt a lot, when they go straight into the eyes :(
5) Your earphones don't fall of, if they are held by the helmet
6) Good helmet designs add a style statement

And for people who give foolish reason for not wearing helmets, here are some facts gathered by first-hand experience.
1)Helmets don't obstruct the view much. If you are a good enough rider, you'll adapt quickly. And make good use of side mirrors.
2) Helmets don't impair audibility. You can easily hear the pillion rider's voice as well as the horns of other vehicles. That's sufficient. And if you are a music buff, you won't care. Coz wih or w/o helmet, you won't hear others'.
3) Helmets don't cause hair loss. Or may be I haven't noticed yet :P. I wear a cotton handkerchief on my head before wearing the helmet.
4) If you chose a good quality helmet of proper size and weight, you won't get any neck or back problems.
5) You don't sweat in helmets. I haven't. Don't have any supporting evidence though :(

So guys, start wearing helmets

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bengaluru a.k.a Bangalore

Recently I visited Bengaluru, the I.T. city of India, the Silicon valley of the east, the gateway to South India.
It was my first visit to this wonderful city and my first ever journey by flight.
The journey was really awesome. You get to have a bird's eye view of the earth...the buildings, rivers, farms, hills and all...look so small from far above. And then you are cut-off from this world and enter into another world...above the clouds. The cloud formations make you feel as if you are on some other planet. Since mine was an evening flight, I even got to see various hues and shades formed in the clouds as the sun set, which made it even more beautiful.

Pune airport is quite small, but its improving a lot. The new Bangalore airport, in contrast, is very huge. Lots and lots of planes can be accommodated here. Its very far away from the city. But you can't expect to get acres and acres of land very close to the city. The drive from airport to the place Kodihalli, where my brother is currently staying, was about 50min, which some people told me was pretty fast. I reached there at 8pm.
My brother had planned a tight schedule, so that I get to see almost everything thats worth seeing in Bangalore within the 2 days of my stay. He had also rented a Kinetic for that purpose. The only bad thing was that unluckily, it was raining. But we still stuck to our plan.
We started off with my brother's office ThoughtWorks. It was a pretty nice office with soft toys lying everywhere. I met most of his colleagues and then we proceeded to Forum mall, which is a huge mall with a 7 screen multiplex and lots and lots of shopping outlets.

We had dinner in its large food court and proceeded to UBCity, a mall set up by Vijay Mallya. It has nicely built structure. The mall and the items in it reflected Vijay Mallya's lifestyle. So obviously, it was good only for window shopping.

Then we proceeded to Kemp Fort which has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has huge idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. It also has a small museum where you get to see the 12 Jyotirlingas and a short history of each.

So 3 places covered on the first night itself.
Most of the roads in Bangalore were one-ways and the two-way roads had very few crossings. It helps to somewhat check the already chaotic traffic. The ongoing metro train project may help in reducing the traffic problems in this city. But currently, the metro-work has affected some major roads, including the M.G. Road, one of the most important streets in Bangalore.

Second day started off quite late. We had a brunch which comprised of Idli-Dosa-Meduvada and some fruits. We then went over to E-Zone for Go-karting. It was a great experience but the cars were hard to drive than what I had expected. I took a lot of time for each lap, but I enjoyed. The cars were skidding a lot due to the rains.

We then headed off to have a look at my company's Bangalore Office. Its located on the 2nd Floor of Hotel Leela Palace. The hotel looked truly like a palace. The office was also quite beautiful. The hotel has three floored shopping center, which again was good only for window shopping. It also has a games parlor called Amoeba :).

We had a coffee at Barista located in the hotel itself and proceeded to have a look at the Tech park called EGL that houses big US companies like Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Yahoo, etc. The campus was really beautiful with nicely structured buildings and excellent landscaping. We had light snacks at the canteen there and went back home. Later that evening we visited Brigade road, which seemed to be a cool place to hang out. The crowd was also pretty nice :). I called over one of my friends who stays in Bangalore and we visited the other AMOEBA in Bangalore, situated here. It was quite huge with 12 bowling alleys and lots of other games. Even though it was so huge, we still had to wait for an hour for our turn to come, such was the crowd.

We then proceeded to Garuda Mall, the other huge mall in Bangalore. There we had our dinner and went back home.
Third day also began late. We skipped breakfast and then had lunch at an Andhra Restaurant called Nagarjuna. The lunch comprised of sambhar, rassam, curry, curd, some veggies and rice. No roti. It was nice though. After lunch we went over to Lal Bagh, which is a very huge botanical garden. It has 4 gates in 4 directions. The garden has a large variety of different trees. Within the garden is a hillock, atop which is situated the Kempe Gowda tower from which you get a beautiful view of Bangalore.

From the garden, we went to Bull Temple which has a very huge Bull cut out of rock

After that, we went over to Gandhinagar which is located in the older sections of Bangalore. The Majestic bus station is located here. One interesting sight here was the huge cut-outs of Southie actors. These actors are like Gods for these people. We then visited the Bangalore Palace and the Vidhan Souda. Both these buildings are magnificent.

On our return home, we went through the Cubbon park, which again is a park almost as huge as the Lal Bagh.
Later that evening we went over for shopping at Max and Lifestyle. We had dinner at the Mall itself. The tour then ended with a visit to the Amoeaba at Leela Palace where me and my bro had 2 games of bowling and 3 car races. He beat me in bowling and I took revenge in racing.
My brother had arranged for a car to drop me to the airport the next morning. I then returned back to Pune with great memories of a great trip, made even more special by my brother.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wake up Raj

Recently, Raj Thackeray had threatened MLAs who do not take oaths in Marathi with dire consequences. His own elected MLAs even manhandled an MLA who took an oath in Hindi. The reason Raj gives is that "Karnataka madhe Kannada yet naslyamule eka minister la kadhun takla, te chalta. Ani ithe amhi marathit shapath ghyayachi mhanala ki chalat nahi". Wake up Raj...Is this why we elect people? Just to see that all elected people speak in Marathi? There's no need to copy bad stuff from other states. You should respect our Constitution which permits MLAs to take oaths in other languages as well. Raj, you had said that you'll be a very constructive opposition. Is this what you call constructive? We don't care about what language our leaders speak. We just want an output from them. If you really wants to fight for the Marathi Manoos, just see that your own MLAs and the others fulfill the promises they have made and seriously abide by their oaths....taken in whichever language the Constitution permits.
Your MLAs have now been suspended from the house for 4 years. Isn't it a loss for the people who elected them? Moreover, MNS supporters burned down around 21 buses in protest. Whose money is going down the drain then? The common man's or MNS'? Is this called constructive? What do you want to prove?
I am not saying that the guy, Abu Azmi, who took the oath in Hindi is any good. He had mocked the MNS men by showing them sandals. Such behavior should also be punished. If he can speak Marathi, he should have taken an oath in Marathi, rather than purposely speaking in Hindi to test MNS. Politics is really very dirty.
At the end of the day, its the loss of the Marathi Manoos only.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Isn't it really Frustrating....
A city which is considered to be a metro now, with a huge educated population, growing at a tremendous speed, making a mark at the global level and only 45% of her people come to chose leaders for her growth???
You miss no chance to speak of the corruption, the pending works, the hap-hazard growth, lack of proper infrastructure...and on and on. But what do you do about it? Just enjoy at home on the election day, since its a holiday?
Aren't you seeing campaigns going on everywhere...various NGOs, Election commission, newspapers, T.V.s, status messages, JAAGO RE...shouting out loudly..Please vote!!!!
How can you just give it a skip? Many people put up there photos on Orkut and Facebook, proudly showing their marked fingers. Don't you see them? Doesn't the message reach you? Oh! But I forgot. You just don't want to come out of your sleep. The EC and some volunteers try so hard...SMS, phone, visiting various areas and shouting out loudly for you to go and vote, even providing transport facilities to ferry  you to the polling booths....but all is in vain. The 24hrs holiday also dint work.
What else can be done now? Do you want the EC to declare prizes, carry out Lucky Draws with promises of a Dubai trip or a CAR, just like all the Malls to bring in the crowd? If that's the case, sorry, you don't just deserve this city, you Shameless people....

People who have voted, this was not for you.Keep up the good work
The purpose of this post is to solely hurt the sentiments of those non voting guys Any resemblance to anyone's life or actions is indeed intended.

Arey Padhe Likhe Anapadho, bheje mein kuchh ghusa ho toh agli baar to vote karo....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hindi Serial Loophole 3: Jyoti

Serial: Jyoti
Channel: NDTV Imagine
Timing: 8.30-9.00pm
Summary: There's a girl called Jyoti who is the only earning person in a poor family of 7. She is the eldest daughter of a wheelchair-bound helpless man who has 1 mother, 1 wife, 1 son and 2 other daughters. The show is about how all her siblings are somehow spoilt and how Jyoti tries to bring them back on the right track despite the frequent taunting by some of them as well as her step-mother. You'll mostly see the characters shedding tears every now and then.
Loophole: Jyoti's sister Sudha faces charges of a murder which was in fact committed by her other personality (yes, she suffers from split personality :p). The police come and arrest her one morning. Jyoti goes to the police station immediately to rescue her sister, but returns home without her the same evening. Her mother feels that Sudha was indeed the real culprit. She was told about a fact by the Doodhwala that same morning. But, the dialogue she speaks is "Jis din police Sudha ko utha kar le gayi thi, usi din muze doodhwale na kaha ki...........". Come on Lady, why are you saying "Jis Din" and "Uss Din"? The girl was arrested today only.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hindi Serial Loophole 2 : Kyunki ...

Serial: Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi...
Channel: Star Plus
Timing: 10.30 - 11.00pm (now off-air, luckily)
Summary: You do not exist if you have never heard of this T.V. Serial. Its the story of Tulsi Virani, the lead protagonist and her huge family. She and many others in her family marry as well as die a multiple times. Some people in her family vanish to some foreign country for business, never to return again. Quite a few kids in their family were lost and found a few years later, etc, etc. Details will be given in some later post.
Loophole: Tulsi Virani, the lead character dies in year 2006. They show us her photo with a garland around it and the caption "Tulsi Virani : 1966 - 2006". A few months later, the serial fast forwards by 20 years and then we know that she had not died at all, but was living at some distant location. She returns to her family, but Alas!! She dies again. They again show us her photo with a garland and the caption now reads, "Tulsi Virani : 1947 - 2007". If you are clever enough, you must have noticed that rather  than going 20 years into the future, the past went 20 years back.
How funny!!! I think Ekta doesn't realize that there are geniuses like me out there closely watching every move :p

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guidance [Part 1]

Many people who have scored decent marks in their board exams and/or later or are working in a good company may have had similar experiences...People coming to you for Guidance. I have had a lot.

People have frequently asked me ...
Tu abhyaas kasa kelas re?
Tu kiti vel abhyas karaycha? 
Tu T.V. Baghyacha?
Tu Classes lavlele ka?
Tu Guide vaparlis ka?
These questions are still fine. They are objective type. I can answer.

But then they(read...someone else's parents) start telling...
Amchya Mulala saang na jara abhyaas kasa karaycha te.
Yala saang na jara...kami khelat ja na mhanun.
Ha T.V. khup baghto. Saang ki jara tyala.
Yachya dokyavar haat thev na jara. :p
Come on, I am no education expert or someone great. If a person is not serious himself, doesn't listen to his parents, how am I supposed to enlighten him? And it feels so awkward. I myself hadn't followed any particular STARTEGY. I had watched T.V. I had played Computer Games. We know how boring it is to just study and not destress ourself by doing such stuff. And if we admit to have done all those things ourselves, there are 2 possibilities.
1) The parents felling that I don't want to reveal y secrets
2) The parents feeling that we are giving wrong guidance.
Donhikadun apanach wrong.
There are even more foolish questions like.
1) Amchya Mulala 50% marks milalet. Tyani konti side pakdavi?
Now how am I supposed to tell that? It depends on what that person is interested in. Ask him. Not me.
2) Amchya yala CET madhe 100 marks mialae. Tyala changlya Engineering college madhe admission milel ka?
Now even if we know that the person will not get admission in a good college, can we just say "Aho avghad ahe ho. Tyala bahutek kuthech admission milanar nahi changlya thikani. Ani milali tari tyachya choice chi branch tar ajibatach nahi milnar"? So we'll be either wrong or rude.
Moreover if we sincerely say that he should try some other course, since Engineering will be a little tough for him, there is a chance that the parents will think that we are misguiding and/or we don't want the person to be as well educated as ouselves. So Sick!!!
3) Amchya mulani B. Sc. kelay. Ata computer course kivva PG karaycha mhantoy. Kuthe karava?
Ata me E&TC cha mulga. Kahi course/PG na kelela. How will I tell? Even worse. even when I had said that so and so course is good, I have got replies like ..."Pan kahi lok mhantat ki yachya peksha te jasta changla ahe".
There have also been instances where when I had recommended a particular institute/college being better because the staff and placements are good, I have got an answer.."Pan aaj kaal kuthe itka farak padto staff cha. Ani job tar kasahi milun jato ata". 
Arey itka research kelach ahe tar maza doka kashala khata.

I even get questions totally unrelated to my field. Yani B Com kelay. Tyani pudhe kay karava? And. Toh ata pudhe kahi shikaycha nahi mhantoy. Tyala saang na C.A. vagaire karayla.
Ata malach nahi mahit B. Com madhe kay asta, C.A madhe kay asta, me kasa sangnar?

If we just go on speaking what is/was true and correct, there is a very high risk of the people concluding...
Ha kahi dhad salle det nahi
Asa salla tar koni pan deil
Ha lapavtoy kahi tari
Ha Engineer zala ani amchya mulani B. Sc. karava mhanto ka?
Sagle mhantat computer lach scope ahe. Ani hach kasa nahi mhanto.
Kahitari tingya martoy ha.
Ha mech pan changlay mhanto, tar swataha E&TC la kashala gela?
Yala kahi kalat nahi.
Ha uddhat ahe.
Apla mulga pudha java asa nahi vatat tyala.
and on and on and on and on

Arey...asach asel tart mazyakade kashala yeta. Me board lavlay ka mazya gharabaher....
Mazyakade guidance la ya mhanun.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nandgiri - A Cave temple

Recently I visited a place called Nandgiri (Kalyangad) in Satara district. It was one of the most amazing spot I have ever visited, and luckily it hasn't been commercialized yet and so its beauty is intact.

Nandgiri is about 25km from Satara via Koregaon. Once you reach the foothill, you won't even feel that you are close to such a beautiful spot. There's just a small village at the bottom and no signboard saying that THIS is Kalyangad. The place, anyways doesn't even look like a fort.
It takes you around 40minutes to reach the top. The path is is a very easy one with a very few spots where you actually need to use your hands for support. There are very small shrubs at the lower section but as you go up, the density of vegetation increases. The elevation also goes on increasing as you move up. However, climbing Sinhgad is much more exciting and challenging than Kalyangad. But trekking is not the reason why people visit this fort.

On the way up, you come across a cave where you'll find some very old stone pillars. People say that there is an underground pass that starts from the cave at top and opens up here and it is always filled with water which never dries up completely. This path was used as an emergency exit in old days. The cave can be seen in this photo.

The fort was once under the rule of the Great Marath King, Shivaji Maharaj. Some more technical details about Kalyangad can be found at this interesting post by Mr. Mahavir S. Chavan or at this page.

Once you reach the top, you see a small hut where the Pujaris stay all day. And from there begins the most important part of the journey. A staircase leads you a few feet down into the hill and then into the main cave, outside which there are huge bee hives to welcome you.  It is so dark in the cave and it looks so dangerous, that you will never ever think of entering it without a torch, more so when you have been told by others that there are deep trenches within the cave and you may fall off, never to come back. And as luck would have it, we were 8 people with only a single small torch. We made a chain and descended into the cave, the guy at front giving us instructions. Luckily, some good people have built railings(about which I dint know) in the cave keeping in mind the danger that the trenches possess. One important point  missed is that this cave  is always filled with water. It was knee deep that day, many times its waist-deep. This makes the experience even more thrilling. A dark cave, in which you have no idea about where to turn, where to stoop, which side to expect the railing, filled with knee deep water and the only light being that of our small torch and a diya lighted at the other end.

We flashed the torch on both the sides of the path to get an idea of the terrain inside and the trenches that we saw through the clear water sent chills down our spines. It was really horrible. Dark trenches running deep into the water, dunno how deep. What if there were no railings?

Holding each other's hands and following the instructions of our leader, we finally reached the other end. There was a temple dedicated to Lord Parshwanath and one dedicated to Datta. We prayed to these deities and returned back, now with less fear since now we knew the way. We entered the cave a second time, now without any torches. We performed aarti and ate prasad offered to us by some other visitor who had come there since it was a Thursday, which is considered to be Datta's day.

We then spent around an hour there praising the beauty and uniqueness of the spot and then returned back with some very unique memories of an exciting adventure.
People....., you got to visit this spot to get the real thrill.

Since we were forbidden to take cameras inside, I could not take any photos on my own. But some people who don't follw rules have taken some interesting snaps which I have attached below

Sources : This picasa album, this blog and this website

Friday, September 25, 2009

F**K those NETAS

The assembly elections in Maharashtra are coming in a few days. So this is the perfect season for some Neta-bashing. Everywhere you'll see people criticizing politicians, and some netas do deserve it.  मग मी पण माझे हात साफ करून घेतो.

On a serious note, I am not writing this post, just for the sake of criticism. The netas have started becoming nuisance even before getting actually elected. Recently, I got caught in traffic thrice. Once at Kothrud and twice on Deccan. Why? Some prominent political leaders had organised rallies? For what? Just to file their nominations. Come on!!! Do you ever celebrate so much just because you are going to apply for a job? Why would you? You are just a foolish common man. But these people? They'll never miss a chance to show how powerful they are. And powerful not for the public good, but only for their own. On one hand, they speak of austerity and on the other, they are just wasting the public's money. I am not saying that the rallies are orgainised using public money. But who pays for the petrol thats lost in the traffic jams they cause? Who pays for the time lost? Who pays for cleaning up the mess they leave behind(due to fire-crackers and all)? Who pays for the pollution their crackers cause? We, the foolish common people.

During the last Lok Sabha elections, I saw a rally of a prominent Congress Leader near Sancheti Hospital. Since the power had gone, a traffic police was controlling traffic. In such situations, vehicles coming from a particular side have to wait for long to get a GO signal. I had waited for really long. But just when the police had shown the sign for us to go, the rally came from the other direction. The police signaled them to stop. But they just waved at him and went on with the rally. It was a long one and people had to wait a long time for them to pass. Such are our Netas, with no respect for common man, nor for the police dept. or for that matter for anyone. Why would anyone vote for a guy/lady who has a gang of hooligans just shouting slogans and causing chaos? But we do. We all do. We can't help it. We have very few options.

There are some regional leaders as well who just speak of doing good for their own community, the people they call THEIR OWN, the marathi manoos. But do they really ask what a marathi manoos wants? Does seeing a McDonalds' board in marathi help you? Does renaming the Victoria Terminus and Sahar Airport to marathi names help you? Does the frequent beating up of biharis really help you? It doesn't. Why are these men inclined just to uplift the Marathi Manoos and not Maharashtra as a whole? I am not Marathi. Does that mean I am any less Maharashtrian and not entitled to any benefits of living here? UP/Bihar che lok and Marathi Manoos are the only things on their agenda. The others don't matter. But त्यांच्या इथे (in Bihar, TN, etc.) ते काही  करतात तेव्हा तुम्ही बोलता का? मग आम्ही काही केल्यावरच काय प्रोबलेम होतो तुम्हाला? is what they ask. I have no answer. And even If I have, is anything going to change?

These politicians have just ruined our country. We are the second fastest growing economy. But we could have grown even faster, had these Netas not worked for themselves, but for the country. I just can't help myself from laughing when I read that a leader is erecting her own statues at various places in her state, when I read that an obviously super-rich politician says that he has no cars of his own, when I read that a neta who was responsible for some murders gets elected again. How easily they manage such stuff. And WE? We think twice even before submitting some fake bills(In case we ever dare to do so) for saving our taxes. Tax on the money we have earned with our own hardwork.. How foolish we are!

But what can we do? We are common people who will just wait and watch and hope for the better. We are no NETAS and hence are helpless. Is there a way out?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hindi Serial loophole 1 : Bandini

I am a die hard fan of Hindi serials, the Ekta Kapoor, Saas-Bahu ones.
People think that these serials are pakau, and people watching them fools. But people fail to realize the entertainment quotient that these programs have. Its real fun to pick up loopholes in them and enjoy them. You may expect a lot of sech hindi TV serials related posts on my blog. So here's the first loophole...

Serial: Bandini
Channel: NDTV Imagine
Timing: Monday to Friday 10-10.30 pm
Summary: This is a TV series by Ekta Kapoor (Note that It does not start with a K though), where a man (Ronit Roy, MIHIR of the Kyunki....fame) marries a girl 1/3rd his age and she becomes a kind of prisoner(Bandini) in his home.
Loophole: The hero, Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi, has a much older sister called Tarulata. They show that she was a dancer in college, a man likes her, she likes him and they get married(without letting anyone know) and have a son and then they breakup(again, no one knows). Considering that Dharamraj is her younger brother, we expect that he must still be in school or the earlier years of college. But on the contrary, they show that he was not aware of his sister's marriage coz he was on a business trip to some foreign country and moreover, he has a son 3 years older that his sisters'.
Howz that possible?

Why Graffiti?

Firstly, let me tell you that this is my third blog!

Nowadays, having a blog seems like a fashion statement (at least that's what I have started believing). Thats why I have been making newer and newer blogs. But sadly, I don't remember where i had started my previous blogs. But not to worry, coz I never posted anything on them. Karan kiti tharavla tari likhanachya babtit amhi DHA. Essay madhe 10 paiki 2-3 marks milavnare amhi. Blog kay lihinar?
Pan mag DHA lokanni lihu naye, asa tar nahi. So kasa ka ase na, here I am, with my first post...

Now, why the name Graffiti? For the simple reason that I could not think of any other fancier name. And for me this blog is just like a public wall where I can scribble whatever comes to my mind and that's GRAFFITI.

So finally, mazya Blog cha SHREE GANESHA zala. I wish myself "Happy Blogging!!!"