Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hindi Serial Loophole 4 : Do Hanso ka Joda

Serial: Do Hanso ka Joda
Channel: NDTV Imagine
Timing: 9.30-10.00pm
Summary: There is a rich family staying jointly in a palatial home. There are two daughters of similar age in that family. The mother of one marries her off to a very ordinary, poor guy who she thinks is very good at heart. The mother of the other marries her off to a rich guy, just by looking at his money, not caring about his nature. The story revolves around the lives of the 2 cousin sisters.

Loophole: The husband of one of the daughters returns home from office. When he comes home, we can clearly see that it is very sunny. We can even see dark shadows of the persons and the size of the shadow was enough to prove that it was just after noon. As he comes home, he asks his wife to bring water for him and then goes to to the terrace. When the wife comes with the glass of water, he is looking somewhere. The wife immediately understands that he is looking at the sunset. Both praise the beauty of the sunset, and indeed we are shown the setting sun. But it is still quite sunny on the terrace. :P
Ever heard of 2 suns?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bollywood kinda scene...contd

Since I had already posted a scene from the TV serial "Rehne hai teri palkon ki chaaon mein", I thought of posting this one, which shows us how strong women are. Coincidently, the scene was aired on the same day as the women's bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha :P

For new-comers, the current hero of this story is the elder brother of the heroine's dead husband. He had recently saved her from a villain. The description of the scene can be found here on my blog.

Now, the villain has returned after escaping from the prison. In serials, its very easy to do so. Don't ask for an explanation. He calls up on the LANDLINE at her residence. Now, of all the members (there are atleast 10) of the family, luckily the heroine picks up the phone. I don't understand how the villain was confident hat the heroine will pick up the phone, but fine, she picks up the phone. The villain threatens to kill the hero, if the heroine does not agree to meet him (i.e the villain) at 12 midnight at the back door of the Durga temple. Now, the heroine is frightened. How will the hero, who had recently managed to enter the den of the villain and had single handedly beaten up all his armed men, stand up against ONE man?

Meanwhile, the villain is already at the temple, where a samuhik vivaah has been arranged, the hero being the chief guest. The villain is loitering around there, with a cloth held in his hand hiding one of his cheeks. What a great disguise to escape from the police!!! The heroine also comes in disguise. Now, since its already past 12, the villain decides to shoot at the hero. However, the heroine, who is just around a 100 feet away manages to come in between, before the bullet arrives, and hooray!!! our hero is saved. But what did you think, the heroine will die of the bullet injury? Do you think the fairer sex is so week? Forget dying, she manages to stand up, and when the villain (whom the police have already caught again) starts narrating false stories, she even slaps him hard. And what does our hero do? Take her to the hospital? NO. He takes her to the Durga temple and declares his love for her and they return home happily.

Hats off to the Bharatiya naari of Indian television!!!