Saturday, January 3, 2015

Man found in Gym at 7am on 1st Jan, arrested for suspicious behaviour

In a bizarre incident, a man found exercising in a gym at 7am on 1st January has been arrested for suspicious behavior. The arrest was made when Pandu hawaldar (name changed to protect identity), the gym’s security guard alerted the local police. “I was sleeping peacefully at the entrance of the gym when suddenly I heard someone say ‘Bhaiya, gym kholo na’. I ignored it once thinking that it was last night’s party playing games with my mind. But when I heard it again, I woke up with a start. I immediately got suspicious of the person. Aap hi batao, who comes to the gym on 1st Jan? I opened the gym and let the person enter, but as soon as he was inside, I locked him up and alerted the local police”.
A similar mysterious man spotted inside a deserted gym some time back.
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Mr. Dikshit, the Inspector who made the arrest said, “We received a call at about 7.15 am today. You see, we cannot celebrate like you people as we have to make sure that there are no untoward incidents because of the New Year Parties. We immediately sent a team of 4 to the gym to investigate the matter. Sure enough, a young man was found inside the gym and we arrested him immediately.”
Yo Yo Honey Singh, a World famous singer seemed visibly disappointed. “I have been trying to promote Party all night, ladki, daru, etc. for so many years. But still this dude turns up in the gym at 7am? Seriously? I am sure he was up to no good. People like him are a threat to the society. But I have faith in our police and am sure that he would be punished for this irresponsible behavior.”
When asked to clarify his actions, the arrested man said, “I have been tricked into this situation by my friends. I am a software engineer and have no girlfriend to hang out with on New Year’s Eve. My friends advised me that if I undergo a rigorous training routine for 45 days, I will look like Hrithik Roshan and will bag a girl soon. If I start on 1st Jan, I will be ready on Valentine’s day. Since I did not want to lose this opportunity, I went to the gym. I am innocent.”
It is learnt that some people believe that the only valid explanation of this behavior is that the arrested person is an alien like PK. No person on earth can head to the gym on 1st Jan.

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