Monday, March 28, 2011


There are a few plants planted in my window. Since this is the flowering season, I thought about taking pictures of the flowers, from bud to full bloom. Here are the pics.



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flawed Patiala House

Writing after a very long time...7months!! Did not have anything interesting to write, and since I no more watch serials, the Hindi Serial Loopholes thread is dead.

Anyways, just to keep the blog alive, I am writing about "Patiala House", a movie I watched recently. The story is quite typically Bollywood shtyle. The protagonist, Akshay Kumar who plays Parghat Singh Kahlon a.k.a. Gattu is a budding cricketer who is a British citizen of Indian origin. His father Gurtej Kahlon a.k.a. Bauji (played by Rishi Kapoor) does not want him to play for England and hence Gattu leaves his dreams and starts working in their shop. 17 years later, however, he shows the courage to fulfill his dreams defying Bauji's orders when he gets a second chance (at the age of 34!!) to play for England in T20 championships.The movie ends on a happy note.

Most Bollywood movies are seriously flawed, but most people do not notice them, or worse, no one cares. But as I said, I am writing this just to keep the blog alive and there was no other topic.

So...Bauji is miffed with the whites due to their attitude towars Indians in UK. He organizes many agitations for Indians' rights. Gattu is quite happily playing cricket with as well as against whites in Inter school competitions. Bauji is Ok with that. But when he gets a chance to play for the country (England), Bauji prohibits it!!! Goron ke nahi khelenga! Come on!! Getting a place in the National team should be a thing of pride for the Indians. Bauji's ideology seems flawed. He was fighting for the rights of Indian's and now when his son is getting respect and recognition, he turns it down. And suppose he is against the country itself, why the hell is he staying there!!

Secondly, all other youngsters in the family (seriously, the family was so huge, I couldn't understand who's who!) are miffed with Gattu, since he has set an example by sacrificing his dreams and they all have to do the same. They accuse him of not showing courage (and they themselves are quite silent, not agitating at all :-|). When Gattu gets a second chance, they want him to show courage and go for it. Now, courage should have meant standing against Bauji and expressing his wish and dreams. But no! Instead, all of them help him to go for his dreams, without Bauji knowing. They do all sorts of stuff...cutting TV cable, changing the photos in newspaper, renaming Gattu as Kaali, so that Bauji does not know!! How was this supposed to help!! Those people wanted Gattu to speak up against Bauji so that even they could fulfill their dreams. How did the priority change to just allow Gattu to fulfill his and this, when they all disliked him! But luckily enough, Bauji knows the truth and then Gattu shows courage and then all is well.

Anyways, I believe most people must have not realized these flaws. Overall, the movie was OK. And much much better than Nikhil Advani's previous venture CC2C.