Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Isn't it really Frustrating....
A city which is considered to be a metro now, with a huge educated population, growing at a tremendous speed, making a mark at the global level and only 45% of her people come to chose leaders for her growth???
You miss no chance to speak of the corruption, the pending works, the hap-hazard growth, lack of proper infrastructure...and on and on. But what do you do about it? Just enjoy at home on the election day, since its a holiday?
Aren't you seeing campaigns going on everywhere...various NGOs, Election commission, newspapers, T.V.s, status messages, JAAGO RE...shouting out loudly..Please vote!!!!
How can you just give it a skip? Many people put up there photos on Orkut and Facebook, proudly showing their marked fingers. Don't you see them? Doesn't the message reach you? Oh! But I forgot. You just don't want to come out of your sleep. The EC and some volunteers try so hard...SMS, phone, visiting various areas and shouting out loudly for you to go and vote, even providing transport facilities to ferry  you to the polling booths....but all is in vain. The 24hrs holiday also dint work.
What else can be done now? Do you want the EC to declare prizes, carry out Lucky Draws with promises of a Dubai trip or a CAR, just like all the Malls to bring in the crowd? If that's the case, sorry, you don't just deserve this city, you Shameless people....

People who have voted, this was not for you.Keep up the good work
The purpose of this post is to solely hurt the sentiments of those non voting guys Any resemblance to anyone's life or actions is indeed intended.

Arey Padhe Likhe Anapadho, bheje mein kuchh ghusa ho toh agli baar to vote karo....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hindi Serial Loophole 3: Jyoti

Serial: Jyoti
Channel: NDTV Imagine
Timing: 8.30-9.00pm
Summary: There's a girl called Jyoti who is the only earning person in a poor family of 7. She is the eldest daughter of a wheelchair-bound helpless man who has 1 mother, 1 wife, 1 son and 2 other daughters. The show is about how all her siblings are somehow spoilt and how Jyoti tries to bring them back on the right track despite the frequent taunting by some of them as well as her step-mother. You'll mostly see the characters shedding tears every now and then.
Loophole: Jyoti's sister Sudha faces charges of a murder which was in fact committed by her other personality (yes, she suffers from split personality :p). The police come and arrest her one morning. Jyoti goes to the police station immediately to rescue her sister, but returns home without her the same evening. Her mother feels that Sudha was indeed the real culprit. She was told about a fact by the Doodhwala that same morning. But, the dialogue she speaks is "Jis din police Sudha ko utha kar le gayi thi, usi din muze doodhwale na kaha ki...........". Come on Lady, why are you saying "Jis Din" and "Uss Din"? The girl was arrested today only.