Monday, December 7, 2009


These days I have been reading a lot about Helmets in some Newspapers. People speaking for and some against the rule of making helmets compulsory. I don't know whether making helmets compulsory would be a good idea or not, but since I myself am using a helmet for past 5 years, I thought I should write something about it. Apart from being a protection for the skull, I found the following benefits:
1) No need to wear sun cap in summer. Believe me, you don't sweat in helmets, and you don't feel the heat much. (Some people give sweating as a reason for not wearing helmets)
2) No need of putting sun-screen on the face.
3) No need to wear ear muffs in winter.
4) The glass protects your face and eyes from dust as well as from insects. Insects hurt a lot, when they go straight into the eyes :(
5) Your earphones don't fall of, if they are held by the helmet
6) Good helmet designs add a style statement

And for people who give foolish reason for not wearing helmets, here are some facts gathered by first-hand experience.
1)Helmets don't obstruct the view much. If you are a good enough rider, you'll adapt quickly. And make good use of side mirrors.
2) Helmets don't impair audibility. You can easily hear the pillion rider's voice as well as the horns of other vehicles. That's sufficient. And if you are a music buff, you won't care. Coz wih or w/o helmet, you won't hear others'.
3) Helmets don't cause hair loss. Or may be I haven't noticed yet :P. I wear a cotton handkerchief on my head before wearing the helmet.
4) If you chose a good quality helmet of proper size and weight, you won't get any neck or back problems.
5) You don't sweat in helmets. I haven't. Don't have any supporting evidence though :(

So guys, start wearing helmets